For owners and enthusiasts of all FD, FE and VX series Victor's, Ventora's and VX4/90's.

VX series model specifications

Dates of productionJanuary 1976 to summer 1978 (VX Series)
August 19777 to summer 1978 (VX490)
Body types4-door saloon and 5-door estate
Engines1759cc (77bhp)
2279cc (100bhp)
2279cc (118bhp)
Fuel consumption21 mpg (VX1800)
22 mpg (VX2300)
17 mpg (VX490)
Top speed91mph (VX188)
104mph (VX2300)
106mph (VX490)
0-60 time17.3 sec (VX1800)
12.4 sec (VX2300)
11.1 sec (VX490)
DimensionsLength 14ft 11in
Width 5ft 7in
Height: 4ft 6in
Kerbweight 2249 lb (1800 saloon)
2572 lb (1800 estate)
2689 lb (2300 estate)
2745 lb (VX490)
Price at launch£2991 (VX2300)
Number produced25,815 (VX1800, VX2300 and VX2300GLS)
Approx 900 (VX490)