About the FE Victor, Ventora and VX4/90

FE Victor 2300

The FE, initially christened the "Transcontinental" in early publicity material, was launched in February 1972. Mechanically the FE was a development of the FD, with larger capacity slant-four power units, and beefier, more refined suspension. The body, however, was completely new, bigger with a far larger glass area and offering more interior space and a more airy feel.

FE Victor 2300 Estate

The FE range ran to Victor 1800 and 2300 saloons and estates, Victor 3300SL Estate (re-badged as the Ventora Estate for 1974), a VX4/90 saloon (with twin-carb equipped 2300 engine, Rostyle wheels and more comprehensive instrumentation) and Ventora saloon, again with the 3.3-litre engine, improved interior trim, vinyl roof and extra brightwork.

Various limited edition FE's were available until production ended in 1975; a Ventora VIP, Transcontinental ES saloon, and 2300S saloon.