About the FD Victor, Ventora and VX4/90

FD Victor 1600 and 2000 saloons

The new FD saloon and estate car range was introduced at the 1967 Motor Show for the 1968 model year, where it was dubbed "Car of The Show", and also received the Don Safety Award.

FD Victor 2000SL Estate

The FD shared virtually no components with its predecessor, the FC "101", having a sleek, modern "coke-bottle" body styling of American influence, and a new belt-driven, overhead-cam engine (known as the "slant-four", due to its canted design).

The FD range for the UK market consisted initially of the Victor 1600 and 2000 saloons (with the estates arriving in May 1968), Victor 3300SL Estate (using the 6 cylinder engine from the larger Cresta), and Ventora saloon, also equipped with the six-cylinder 3.3 litre engine, vinyl roof and specific trim treatment.

FD VX4/90

The sporting VX4/90 saloon, with additional instrumentation, twin-carb 2-litre engine and Rostyle wheels, was introduced for the 1970 model year. At the same time the Ventora II appeared, with revised gearing, and offering improved interior treatment and additional equipment, in comparison with its predecessor.

FD production ended in February 1972.